Every serious writer wishes he got real backing from his publisher. Traditional Publishers used to offer this at some point, and self-publishing quite frankly rarely did. Today, not only are royalties quite meagre but even good books don’t seem to drive any sales. Most often with self-publishing, one ends up with a badly edited book, business cards to keep in a drawer and the dream of being a real author waning over time.

Hybrid Publishing is a new player in the game. For a reasonable fee, you partner with us benefitting from our team’s expertise and part of the traditional experience. It doesn’t end there, we invest our own funds into your project, at times matching up to 100% your investment. And this year we are offering the chance to 33 writers to get published at virtually no cost. All you have to do, to take advantage of this opportunity is to submit your manuscript through the Masters of the Quill competition. We are the best deal in town. While you can expect 2% returns from Traditional Publishers, who will invest in you for a few months and unfairly value your work. Showing favouritism, tossing out millions of dollars on one author and pennies on another. Hybrid Publishing ends that and your publisher is finally your friend again. Acting as your manager and investor, it employs specialists, to maximize the results of your work in the market.

It’s frankly a win-win deal, we have no reason not to ensure your success. This is why we do not accept every manuscript that comes to us. We’d rather give every author the attention he needs and produce work with great potential.

It has become obvious that the old way a writer played hit or miss with his career is not efficient. We are a perfect balance, the best of both worlds. Offering 4 comprehensive packages and peripheral packages for those who need special help or intensive work to be done on their manuscript before publishing elsewhere. This partnership between you and Ikiké Press really goes both ways. We may match whatever amount you’ve invested in your chosen package. Thus we can ensure your book exceeds all expectations. Depending on which package you choose we assign a small team to you, at no additional cost. This team will help you market your work and build an audience that will keep your books selling, for many years to come. You may relay your own ideas and hopes for your book and our team will do its best to bring them to reality. It’ll be like having your own personal publicist. We will design a brand around your work and if you choose to continue working with us, we’ll keep strengthening that brand around your future works.

Your work will travel, not only will it be present in our own online book store, but your book will be featured in hundreds of online stores and introduced in many brick and mortar stores across the globe. Once your book sells over 50, 000 copies it will be translated at no cost to you into languages in which we think considerable sales would occur.

You are no longer alone, fighting against all the market forces and your publisher. Being taken advantage of and discarded once your sales don’t quite cut it. Ikiké Press is your partner, we aim to really foster this mindset by ensuring that whatever package you choose to go with, your money is secured. We’ll pay you back if we don’t sell the number of books promised along with the package in the first year, but that doesn’t mean your book will be discarded, we will keep working with you and help with your career for as long as you are part of the Ikiké Family.

Thank you for choosing us, If you’ve got any inquiries concerning publishing please check our FAQ page. In the mean time you’re welcome to peruse our book store.


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