Every few months Ikiké Press hosts writing or creative competitions. These shall be based on challenges or riddles, or just about anything we can concoct to keep things interesting. Prizes will range from writing or artistic equipment to hard cold cash or a book publishing deal. All you have to do is win.  If you haven’t yet, scroll after the form to read about current competitions. When you wish to enter a competition please accurately fill the submission form below.

Writing Competitions

Click here for the Masters of the Quill Competition

Status: Closed

Competition Name: Masters of the Quill
Entry Fee: $0
Number of Winning Spots: 33
Entry Deadline: 30/09/2019
Winners Announcement: 15/1/2020


1st Place Prize: 1 Gold Ikiké Publishing Package (for the submitted story)+ $500
2nd Place Prize: 1 Premium Ikiké Publishing Package + $200
3rd Place: 1 Standard Ikiké Publishing Package + $100
30 Additional Winning Spots: Standard Publishing Package

Challenge Guidelines

A fictional story that achieves at least all the following:

  • An original drama, fantasy, thriller or science fiction story
  • Believable and Multi-faceted characters
  • A plot that is paced to perfection and keeps us on the edge of our seats
  • A world that is consistent and makes sense within itself
  • A Readable Manuscript
  • Potential for a 3 book series (at least)
  • Minimum 50000 Words final draft to be submitted.

Details of the Competition

This competition is to help Ikiké Press as a new Hybrid Publishing House to acquire new talented writers. The final chance to enter the competition ends when the deadline is reached. Submitting fan-fiction will be cause for disqualification. If your manuscript didn’t qualify, you’ll get an email informing you. All publishing packages offered in this competition apply only to the story being submitted.

Furthermore, your story can cover any theme. There is no restriction as to what it should be about, except the above-mentioned genre’s, just keep in mind that this is the book we will be publishing when you win. Fan-fiction submissions will be automatically disqualified. Please do not submit your book if it is a cross-over, or merging with another author’s world. Your story must be original and your ideas as much as humanly possible.

You will receive every benefit of your chosen package with the exception of the guaranteed refund if we don’t manage to sell the promised minimum number of books within 6 months.

Winners will be announced on all our accounts on 1/12/2019 and Prizes will be issued by 15/12/2019.
* The initial submission date was pushed back to the 30th of September to offer additional time to contestants to complete their manuscripts.

Click here for the Blogging Sensation Competition

Status: Closed

Competition Name: Blogging Sensation
Entry Fee: $0
Number of Winning Spots: 3
Entry Deadline: 31/10/19
Winners Announcement: 2/11/19


1st Place: $100
2nd Place: $50
3rd Place: $30

Challenge Guidelines

  • You must write an original blog post on any of the following topics: motivation, growth, love, passion, spirituality, health, general advice, success, money, personal success story.
  • The article must be over 700 words. Articles with a lower word count will not be published.
  • The first 3 bloggers to reach 300 likes or 1000 views will win the prize money in the order in which they’ve won.
  • Your blog post has to be written in decent English, properly formatted or it will not be published.
  • You must provide an email to be invited to add your blog post on, and be able to monitor the views and likes and share your link. Failing to do so will delay the posting of your article.
  • If no article reaches the number of views by the deadline then the challenge will not have been won by any of the contestants and no prize money will be disbursed (better luck next time :p).

Extra Challenge details

Your blog post will be posted on You are allowed to promote your article in whichever way you’d like to gather the number of likes or views. If it is discovered during the contest that your article is unoriginal or plagiarised, you will be disqualified immediately and your article will be withdrawn from the website after we’ve notified you.
On the day of the announcement the winners will be notified and their Paypal email will be requested. Then 3 days after the contest the prize money will be sent to whichever Paypal account the winners will indicate to our team.
Good luck and may the best blogger win.