How long does it take for a reply from Ikiké Press?

You can message us through our contact form, WhatsApp Business account at the bottom right corner of the page or Facebook. We usually try to answer within the hour.

Why Choose Ikiké Press

The express mission of Ikiké Press is to help writers make a living at their craft. We’ve created systems and strategies to help maximise this possibility. We plan on developing more programs that will help writers sustain their calling even beyond their own books. This entire company was founded with that express purpose. When you publish with us you are not just one book in our inventory you are part of the Ikiké Family, and we take care of our family.

Is the money back guarantee for real?

That’s right, you get 100% of your investment back if we don’t deliver on the sales quota we promise with your chosen package. We decided to add this into our publishing agreements for writers who publish through one of our publishing packages. We want to make sure we start our relationship with you based on trust. This way you know we will serve you well and protect your interests indisputably.

When and how do I get my royalties?

Upon publishing your first book with Ikiké Press, every 3 months from then on you will receive royalties. You will receive a form once your manuscript is accepted, in which you can indicate your prefered payment method. For now, we offer royalty payments through PayPal and bank account transfers.

Why is Ikiké Press Not accepting Submissions at the moment?

When we reach our quota of works to publish for the year, we will close submissions for a certain period. This is to ensure we can focus fully on our current writers and give them the very best assistance possible.

Joining Competitions

We started launching competitions as part of our effort to discover talented writers for publication. To join, you simply fill the form here. Most competitions will be free, to allow as many writers as possible to submit when the winning pool is larger.

Where is Ikiké Press’s office?

Ikiké Press does not have a walk-in office. We are wholly based online, currently, employ remote workers and all our printing is outsourced. Ikiké Press is registered in Nigeria since May 2018 with the Corporate Affairs Commission. We realise some customers may not be comfortable dealing with a business with no walk-in office. However, this is a business model that has worked for many digital companies. This is the business model we have chosen to begin with. Although, within the year we should be opening offices to cater to authors who require face to face interactions.

Why aren’t there books in your store yet?

Ikiké Press is a new publishing company launched on March 2019. We are still editing and working on our initial book submissions. Meanwhile, we still accept submissions for publication, if you wish to do so, please click here.