How We Work

We’d like to invite you to join our family, and it won’t be for free.

Here at Ikiké Press, whether it be on our publishing platform or the blog, we operate with a win-win philosophy. Long term your articles could be used in compiled books, or even generate publicity. You get a cheque for as long as your material is in use and based on your level of effort and merit.

We also welcome ghostwriters who’d like to bid on projects, the catch is, instead of receiving a one time payment, you’ll get a portion of the royalties sent to you, that makes a great difference between Ikiké Press and other publishers.

Current Job Openings

  • Book cover designer.
  • Voice actor.

Application deadline: 14/08/2019

If you’d like to apply for a job opening, please use our contact us page or directly email with your application.