NB: A Hybrid Publishing Company is one that mixes the control and flexibility of self-publishing with the prestige and quality of Traditional Publishing.
Thank you for choosing Ikiké press. please tick the packages you’d like us to fulfil for you.


Traditional Publishing Package

Submissions Status: Accepting Submissions

You get everything included in the standard publishing package (see below) . The standards of acceptance are a bit higher here. At Ikiké Press we are writers and readers at heart, so to give back we will offer many writers this year a chance to be published for free and get all the basic publishing packages benefits (with the exception of the refund if 1000 books aren’t sold and basic editing, your manuscript will only be proofread).

Cost: $0

The Standard Publishing Package:

Submissions Status: Accepting Submissions

  • 1 Cover designed for the market
  • In- House Basic Editing (See Editing Packages Below for more details)
  • Initial Marketing:
  • In-house for a duration of 3 months (Includes Marketing Copy, ad images, banners etc.)
  • 1000 Press Releases sent to International and local news agencies and reviewers
  • Money Back if you don’t sell a minimum of 1000 copies within the first 6 months.

Cost: $399

The Premium Publishing Package:

Submissions Status: Accepting Submissions

  • 2 Cover Designed for the market
  • Premium Editing Package (See editing Packages Below)
  • 6 Months Intense marketing at the charge of Ikiké Press*
  • Including 7000 Press Releases sent to local and international news agencies and reviewers
  • Marketing Copy for online ads
  • Book Reviews…
  • Prizes for readers to drive interest
  • One Professionally made Audiobook
  • A blog to promote your book with one blogger assigned to it for 2 months
  • Money Back if you don’t sell a minimum of 3000 copies within the first 6 months after publication

Cost: $1199

Gold Publishing Package:

Submissions Status: Accepting Submissions

  • 3 Cover Designs (For use in different Markets and interchangeable)
  • Gold Editing Package (See Editing Packages below)
  • 1 Audiobook Produced of the Manuscript
  • Dedicated website blog with 1-2 writers to kick-start content publication for 3 months.
  • 1 Year of Intense Marketing:
  • Dedicated Marketing Team assigned to the project for 1 Year (Can be extended)
  • 33,000 Press Releases Sent to News Agencies, book reviewers
  • Setting up book signings set up with local bookstores or literary events
  • Online Ads
  • Marketing Copy for online ads
  • Book Reviews…
  • Prizes for readers to drive interest
  • A blog to promote the book with content that will drive sales, with 2 bloggers assigned for 4 months
  • A promotional video produced for fiction and non-fiction writers
  • Money Back if you don’t sell a minimum of 5000 copies within the first 6 months after publication

Cost: $3999

PS: If You wish to use your own editor, cover designer, or marketing team, please inform us and the fee will be deducted from the services.


The Ghost Package:

  • UP to 90, 000 words Ghost-written
  • Premium Editing Package
  • Full Book Completed in 2-4 months.
  • A diligent and suitable writer assigned to your work
  • 30% off on Premium Package (If you Publish with us)

Cost: $ 600

Editing Packages

Ikiké Press offers general and in-depth editing services to writers of fiction and non-fiction. These packages do not include any other publishing services.

Basic Editing

This package offers, a proofread(to catch typos, fix grammar, trim sentences, repetitions removal, flag some larger issues, but mostly get it ready for publishing and make sure it’s clean and shiny).
Although most proofreading services only seek typos, ours is quite extensive, we go as far as rewriting and improving word choice. We also include a one page summary of all the issues we detected in the manuscript. This offers a big picture overview of what could be improved. Unfortunately, this package does not include solving bigger issues like plotting, character motivations, story structure, etc.

Cost : $200 (up to 50, 000 words) + $0.02 per extra word

Premium Editing

STAGE ONE: the first part of this stage is a review of your manuscript, we’ll identify issues, let you know what you did really right, what could be improved, rewrite proposals, trim unnecessary bits, plot problem fixes, improvement suggestions, conclusion buffing, story arch and structure improvements and a structural analysis reports. Your assigned editor will basically be a writing coach, asking questions and probing into your intentions with the manuscript to help you reflect it clearly. Once you’ve rewritten the book satisfactorily, we’ll pass on to the second stage.
STAGE TWO: This stage we offer an in-depth, extensive and comprehensive, line-editing that includes a rewrite, word choice improvement, re-organisation, plotting and pacing. For fiction writers, this will leave your book with stronger and believable dialogue, lifelike characters and scenes that will drag your readers in. For non-fiction writers, we’ll strengthen your points and make your style more engaging. We’ll go beyond this and fix issues that can easily be fixed or at the very least flag them.
The result will be a cleaner and improved manuscript, and a boost in your own writing skills.

Cost: $399 (up to 50, 000 words) + $0.02 per extra word

Gold Editing

STAGE ONE: (Same as in Premium)
STAGE TWO: (Same as in Premium)
STAGE THREE: Once you’ve had time to reflect on your manuscripts changes and incorporated our suggestions to the benefit of your work, we’ll start a final round of proofreading to ameliorate the rewritten parts. We’ll check the consistency, errors, remaining typos of the manuscript and send it back to you.
This stage largely depends upon your inclusion of our suggestions, otherwise, there wouldn’t be much to change between stage 2 and stage 3.

Cost: $699 (up to 50, 000 words) + $0.02 per extra word

Important information

All Writers are subject to the same royalty percentage, which is 40% on all revenue generated by the work. As writers, we wish it could be more, but check everywhere else, and you won’t get a better deal for these services. The 60% goes to providing the services that keep your book churning profits in the market, Ikiké Press employees at work and your writing career alive.
Furthermore, the fact that these packages are offered in no way means Ikiké Press will accept anything submitted. If a book does not meet industry standards we reserve the right to reject it upon submission. Indeed, no work shall be accepted without first being submitted for approval. We do offer an editing package for those who’d like to get their work professionally ready for a readership.